Smart Caregiver Smart Outlet and Economy Cordless Monitor with 10" X 15" Cordless Chair Pad and Remote Reset

Smart Caregiver Smart Outlet and Economy Cordless Monitor with 10" X 15" Cordless Chair Pad and Remote Reset

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Smart Caregiver Smart Outlet and Economy Cordless Monitor with 10" X 15" Cordless Chair Pad and Remote Reset

The Smart Caregiver SMS-11 Smart Light Outlet Central Monitor Systems simutaneously alert caregivers to resident movement and prevent falls. Each SMS-11 System includes a Smart Outlet Monitor, a Central Monitor, and the choice of a Bed Pad, Chair Pad, or Floor Mat. Caregivers can plug any floor or table lamp into the Smart Light Outlet and then plug the unit into a wall outlet, with the lamp turned on. The 433-EC Central Monitor can be kept with a caregiver or placed in an office. When one of the alarm components is triggered, the Smart Light Socket will activate the lamp to provide illumination for the room, reducing the risk of falls. At the same time, the alarm on the 433-EC will activate to notify caregivers of the resident activity.

The Fall Alarm System features all CordLess Alarm components, eliminating the potential tripping hazards of wires or cords. Bed Pads and Chair Pads are designed to be placed under residents and will trigger when residents get up and remove their weight from the Alarm Pads. If the residents return to their bed or chair, the alarm will reset. Exit Alarm Pads are constructed of soft, flexible vinyl for comfort and moisture-resistance. Floor Alarm Mats activate when a resident places their weight on the mat and are ideally located at the resident's bedside or anywhere they are likely to step. To prevent tripping, the Fall Alarm Mats are beveled.

The 433-EC Central Alarm Monitor can be placed outside of the room, either with a caregiver or in a central location. When one of the programmed Pressure Pad Alarms is triggered, the 433-EC will provide a visual alert and the choice of an alarm or chome tone (user-selectable). The Fall Prevention Alarm features low, medium and high volume settings for various applications. The Economy Central Monitor can be programmed to monitor multiple components at the same time.

The Smart Caregiver Light Outlet Alarm is simple to operate and features indicator lights to quickly notify caregivers of the current status of the Monitor. The two button on the SMS-11 turn the unit on and off, program components, and reset the alarm. The alarm will also automatically reset when using Bed and Chair Alert Pads if the resident's weight is returned to the Pad.

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