Mobility Batteries

While a mobility scooter may be the best solution for anyone with limited mobility, for them to function properly, you need to keep them running efficiently. Without a good battery, even the very best of scooters cannot get you from point A to B. Hence to ensure you never have to stop your journey prematurely, having a good battery for your mobility scooter is paramount.

At Rescue Supply we offer you a range of durable, affordable batteries of various sizes and power that will increase the functionally of any scooter ensuring you get to any destination you wish.

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Glion Model 335 SNAPnGO Lithium-ion Battery
$907.99 $671.95
Description Glion Model 335 SNAPnGO Lithium-ion Battery Replacement battery for the Glion Model 315, 325 or 335 Mobility Scooter.