Hospital Stretchers

When transporting patients between an ambulance and their hospital room, the quality of your equipment is imperative to their well-being. The right hospital stretcher provides every patient with the support they need to prevent further injury while in transit. They also play a key role in maximizing a client’s comfort during this difficult time. Our collection of medical transport stretchers offers maximum security for your patients while making taking their basic information more straightforward than ever before. With integrated scales, you can take their weight without them ever needing to move. We also offer powered and general-purpose patient stretchers so that you can accommodate a vast array of patient needs. Check out the details for these premium hospital stretchers below to learn more about their helpful features.

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$7,999.00 $6,400.00
Description Pedia Pals 6000 Series General Purpose Medical Transport Stretcher Ships Within 6-8 Weeks The Pedia Pals General Purpose Medical Transport Stretcher helps transport patients requiring medical care. This comfortable wheeled stretcher...