Placeholder Different Types of Wheelchair Ramps You Need To Know About

Different Types of Wheelchair Ramps You Need To Know About

12.05.2022 0 Aby De Asis
Different Types of Wheelchair Ramps You Need To Know About
For those living with limited amounts of mobility, having the resources to navigate their environment is the key to their independence. From getting into a car to entering a home, these tasks can be very difficult to some, and assistive products like wheelchair ramps are essential in maintaining one’s quality of life. Still, with seemingly hundreds of models, brands, and designs on the market, it can prove difficult to tell which type of ramp could be the best one for your particular needs. So, we’ve compiled this list of the different types of wheelchair ramps you need to know about to provide you with detailed fundamental information as you make this major decision.

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are vital for anyone looking to enter or exit a building via a wheelchair. Consisting of a small, metal platform, this product fits directly over the sliding door track of a standard home’s front or back doorway. This makes this surface smooth enough for you to navigate your wheelchair over the threshold without catching a wheel. These ramps are essential for anyone looking to improve wheelchair accessibility, as well as eliminate tripping hazards and improve the overall safety of their home.

Lego-Style Threshold Ramps

A subset of threshold ramp models, lego-style ramps have an appearance resembling the classic toy. However, this is purely by practical design. With several interlocking, maneuverable components, these ramps make them easy to set up and take down as needed. They’re also very lightweight and water can easily flow through them, making them an easy and accommodating way to enter and clean this area of your doorway.

Portable Ramps

The next classification of ramps to know about is the portable type. Whether it be stores, businesses, or restaurants, there’s no guarantee that where you go will be able to accommodate your entry needs. Because of this, several varieties of portable ramp exist so that you can take them on the go with you. Here are some of the different models.

Folding Ramps

Folding ramps feature a tri-fold design that allows you to unfurl them in front of you as-needed, yet pick them up easily afterward. They are lightweight and have a handle for comfortable gripping, so you can carry them like a suitcase. Best of all, they take up so little space that storing them in your vehicle is a simple matter.

Telescoping Ramps

Telescoping ramps are similar in that they can fold up and are compact enough to carry around with you. However, they vary slightly in how they unfold. These models utilize several trackpads that stack over one another and extend outward as needed during placement. Many models use buttons or clasps to lock these ramps at a designated length, making this a great option for those looking for versatility.

Rollable Ramps

Rollable ramps, on the other hand, consist of several parallel metal panels attached to hinges. This allows you to roll them up into a compact spiral when they aren’t in use. Because of their accommodating design, they’re great to use when entering homes with varying entrance designs. However, they’re a bit heavy and awkward, so you may need assistance with laying and rolling them back up.

Van-Installed Ramps

Another of the different types of wheelchair ramps you need to know about are van-installed ramps. As their name suggests, these models hook up directly into the base of a large van, allowing you easy entry in as little as just a few seconds. While many individuals opt to purchase a van that already has wheelchair accessibility, it’s also possible to modify a standard van with one of these aftermarket products—it’s entirely dependent on your preferences.

Side-Entry Ramps

Side-entry van ramps foster safe and easy boarding from the side door of your vehicle. This design provides extra maneuvering room along the midsection of your car, leaving room for additional storage in the back. One of the downsides to this ramp is that it requires you to turn your wheelchair to face the front once you’re already in the van.

Rear-Entry Ramps

Likewise, rear-entry ramps hook up in the back of your van and allow you to position yourself forward with ease. However, they take up space in the trunk of the vehicle, eliminating the possibility of using it for storage or additional passengers. Rear-entry vans also require drivers to leave extra clearance room in the back to allow for safe entry and exit.

Manual-Entry Ramps

While side- and rear-entry ramps have automated components for ease of usability, manual-entry ramps don’t; rather, they unfold and refold fully by hand and fit snuggly along the cabin’s interior. Though they don’t unfold themselves, they’re generally less expensive and easier to maintain. So, if you travel with a companion regularly, they’re a very practical option.

Permanent Ramps

For your own personal residence, permanent, or stationary, ramps are something to consider as well. These models only require one installation along the entry points of your home to allow for consistent and stable mobility in and out of your home. Most individuals opt for pre-manufactured stationary ramps that have their own set dimensions and fit along many standard style entryways. However, there are instances where you might need something more customized.

Modular Ramps

Modular ramps are permanent accessibility solutions that are specially designed and configured to fit your home’s unique entryway. This is especially useful for properties with very narrow or oddly angled pathways to the front or back door. They can accommodate very sharp angles, allowing for additional freedom in how you choose to design your yard. Because they take on your personal specifications, you can request additional safety or comfort features as well. Some examples of this include installing handrails, top and bottom platforms, and flight steps for family members.

At Rescue Supply, we understand that finding the perfect accessibility ramp for your needs and lifestyle can be difficult. That’s why we offer a wide variety of wheelchair ramps that cater to a wide range of applications. Whether you’re in the market for a threshold, modular, or folding ramp, we have the inventory to accommodate. So, don’t go another day without the accessibility accommodations you need to keep yourself on the move. Contact us today to learn more about our mobility products and browse our website to find the perfect wheelchair ramp for your needs.

Different Types of Wheelchair Ramps You Need To Know About

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