Placeholder Modular vs. Threshold Ramps: What Are the Differences?

Modular vs. Threshold Ramps: What Are the Differences?

16.08.2022 0 Antonio Dela Cruz
Modular vs. Threshold Ramps: What Are the Differences?

If you start looking into ramps for your building, you’ll likely find references to both modular and threshold ramps. Learning the differences between these two ramps is important to designing a building that is accessible to as many people as possible. This article will help you understand the differences between these two types of ramps.

Size of Ramp

One of the most important differences between ramps is the size of the ramps, as it’ll determine how useful the ramp is for your purposes. A threshold ramp can range anywhere from a few inches to a full step, creating short ramps where you need them. Modular ramps typically range from a set to any height as you can continuously stack them with other modular ramps to make them bigger.

Their Main Purpose

Each of these ramps serves a vastly different purpose, which you can see in their size. A threshold ramp is only meant to help people cross over threshold bumps or steps inside a building. These bumps help prevent things from entering other rooms but can stop wheelchairs. Modular ramps are useful for creating ramps up stairs or floors and helping people move about the floors of a building.

How Long They Last

Threshold ramps aren’t generally temporary installations, as you typically use them to alter your home so it’s more accessible. Modular ramps are a bit different, as they can be both long-term and temporary fixtures, depending on what you need. However, any modular ramps for homes will likely be more permanent so the people living there have a more accessible home.

Although these are the main differences between threshold and modular ramps, both are quite useful in almost any building. You’ll likely need both threshold ramps and modular ramps if you’re trying to make your home more accessible for anyone living there and any visitors. It’s also important for any business to widen access to their audience.

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