Placeholder Tips for Determining the Right Length for a Wheelchair Ramp

Tips for Determining the Right Length for a Wheelchair Ramp

15.09.2022 0 Antonio Dela Cruz
Tips for Determining the Right Length for a Wheelchair Ramp

Whether it’s for commercial use or as an addition to your home, determining the length of a wheelchair ramp is important for installation and practicality. The length of your ramp will have a large influence on its slope, which is very important for anyone using the ramp. Here’s what you should know about finding the right length for a wheelchair ramp.

Recommended Slope Ratio

The first thing you should know is that the ADA recommends a ratio for the slope that puts the least strain on those using the ramp while traveling upwards at a reasonable speed. The ratio the ADA proposes is 1:12. However, this isn’t a requirement in every state, so check your local regulations.

Determine the Rise

This formula for the length of ramp per inch of height requires that you first determine the height of the endpoint of the ramp. Once you’ve determined the height in inches, you then divide the inches by the first number of your ratio. The answer will tell you how many feet of ramp you’ll need. So, a 24-inch rise that uses a slope of 2:12 will use 12 feet of ramp.

Ensure Clearance

One thing you’ll need to ensure when choosing your ramp is that there’s enough room for people to travel up the ramp. If there’s a low ceiling or close walls, it can be difficult and dangerous to use ramps of certain lengths and inclines. That’s why you should ensure there’s enough room to use the ramp before you choose a size.

Measure the Length

Whether you’re using aluminum wheelchair ramps or modular options, indoor ramps can be difficult because the limited space can make longer ramps impossible for a lower slope. Carefully plan out your length based on the available space you have to create a ramp that’s close to the desired ratio but also fits your space.

These tips should help you when you determine the length of your wheelchair ramps. Use these tips to cover the basics of what you need in your ramp. Figuring out all these steps should help you avoid many of the issues people have developing their plans for their ramps.

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