Pedal Karts

Experience a whole new world of adventure and pure excitement with our large collection of pedal go-karts from premium pedal kart brands. Feel unique adrenaline pumps, and amazing satisfaction, and create unforgettable moments with powerful pedal kart models featuring superiorly robust frames, pneumatic tires, adjustable saddles, firm axis, and braking systems.  

Discover fun for the whole family, as we have small toddler pedal karts with 100lbs capacity, up to adult pedal carts designs 350lbs capacity. Many of the unique pedal carts come in multiple trailer options with cool accessories for added fun and customization.  

Additionally, you can rest assured about the quality and safety of the pedal karts, since we only partner with globally renowned pedal go-kart adults' brands such as BERG, MotoTec, Prime Karts, and even unique collaborations of BERG & Jeep. As authorized pedal kart dealers, we continuously offer competitive prices and discounts. So, browse all the products and find your powerful new go-cart on Rescue Supply.